Dan Orlovsky believes Jayden Daniels is top QB in 2024 NFL draft

The 2024 NFL draft is top-heavy with quarterback prospects. There has been plenty of talk of Caleb Williams and Drake Maye leading the list of prospects, but ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky is carrying the torch for LSU’s Jayden Daniels as the best quarterback talent.

Daniels is coming off a Heisman Trophy-winning season that saw him record 4,812 passing yards, 40 touchdowns and four interceptions. New England met with Daniels earlier this week, and they could be in a prime spot to select the quarterback third overall.

“Candidly, I think when it comes to what guy had the best game, none of these guys’ games compared to Jayden Daniels against Florida,” Orlovsky said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “If you just watch that player versus the University of Florida, you would go, ‘That’s the best player in college football, and he is going to be the guy that transfers the best into the NFL.’ Caleb Williams is fantastic. I think Jayden Daniels is better.”

This is certainly a ringing endorsement for the LSU star, but most importantly, it hammers home the fact even more that New England should seriously consider taking Daniels at No. 3 overall, if he’s still on the board.

New England needs a spark at the quarterback position, and there’s hope that whoever they select out of the top-three should be able to provide one.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire