Dan Morgan on rebuilding after messy 2023 season: ‘We all wanna be aligned’

As it turned out, assembling an “all-star” coaching staff only resulted in some all-out anarchy for the Carolina Panthers in 2023.

But that won’t be the vision for president of football operations and general manager Dan Morgan, who was officially introduced in his new role on Thursday. His hope, alongside new head coach Dave Canales, is for the organization to achieve alignment from the top to the bottom.

“I think it’s about alignment and process,” Morgan said early on in the presser. “We gotta have processes in place and we gotta be aligned in our building and we’re all moving towards the same direction—and that’s towards a championship. To put it simply, we gotta roll our sleeves up and we gotta get to work. And we gotta find the type of players that we wanna infuse into our locker room, into our building. Get winners in this building.”

There weren’t many winners in the building this past season, especially behind the scenes. In what may have been an attempt to mold a mecha-coaching staff of sorts, owner David Tepper and his braintrust picked and plucked minds from all different backgrounds to put on the sidelines.

What reportedly materialized, however, was a “Hunger Games culture,” one that saw coaches form factions within the building rather than forming one cohesive unit. Oh, and the team finished at an NFL-worst 2-15.

So, Morgan was asked how his Panthers can stray away from that toxic environment.

“I think it has to do everything with just movin’ forward,” he replied. “We’re not lookin’ back, we’re lookin’ ahead. We all wanna be aligned—the business side, the football side, the locker room, the weight room. Everybody on the same page, same mission, same vision. That’s what I’m talkin’ about when I talk about alignment.”

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire