Dan Marino posts heartfelt tribute to the late Tony Siragusa

Wednesday was an extremely tough day for the Baltimore Ravens organization, as they learned about the loss of one of their active linebackers, Jaylon Ferguson, who passed at just 26 years old.

Then, hours later, it was announced that legendary Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa had also passed away at 55.

After spending his collegiate days at Pittsburgh, Siragusa spent 12 years in the NFL, five of which were with Baltimore. He was part of the Ravens’ Super Bowl 35 win over the New York Giants.

After the announcement of Siragusa’s passing, Miami Dolphins special advisor and former Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino posted a tribute to his fellow Pittsburgh alumni on social media.

While Marino and Siragusa never shared a locker room, there was clearly a bond between the two that had likely been built up through their years in the league and post-playing media careers.

A day like Wednesday is another reminder to take be kind to one another and take advantage of opportunities to make memories with loved ones because they could be taken at any moment.


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