Dan Campbell: The unknowns of the kickoff rule have people spooked, that excites me

Lions head coach Dan Campbell and his special teams coordinator are already putting their heads together to look for edges with the NFL's new kickoff rule.

The rule, which passed today, will radically change kickoffs, and Campbell said a lot of coaches are worried about what they might not have thought of yet.

I think what's got a lot of people spooked a little bit is the unknown of it. And that’s what excites me," Campbell said, via Stephen Holder of ESPN.

Campbell said he and Lions special teams coordinator Dave Fipp have begun studying the XFL, which was the first league to employ the low-impact kickoff, and are discussing which types of athletes will be most useful on the new and different play.

"Fipp and I have already been back there talking about it. We're watching all these XFL clips, looking at different body types and you're looking at returners and you're looking at scheme. And I think that's the unknown. It’s what the coaching is for," Campbell said.

Smart coaches will come up with innovative approaches to the new kickoff rule, and Campbell believes he and his staff can use the rule to their advantage.