Dan Campbell plans to play Lions starters against Vikings

The Lions have moved on from Saturday’s reporting issue that cost them a potential win against the Dallas Cowboys. Despite having the division locked up there is still seeding that remains worth playing for. Because of that, Dan Campbell didn’t hesitate when asked about whether he was playing his starters.

“Yeah no, that is the plan right now, is play our guys.”

The Lions are looking at a matchup of potentially either the Los Angeles Rams or the Green Bay Packers potentially. The Packers would provide a divisional matchup with the Lions with whom they split their season series. Playing the Rams, however, could be proverbial nightmare fuel as it would have Matthew Stafford make his return to Ford Field.

Campbell didn’t expand much on his feelings about the starters playing but his next question may have answered that uin adverently. The Lions head coach was asked about the team moving on from the Dallas game. Campbell answered “…I’m done. I’m good. I just want to go, and I want to get ready for Minnesota with our players will be ready to roll. I know they will.”

It all makes sense when you put the pieces together. No coach wants to send his players into the playoffs with the taste of a bad loss still reminiscing. If Campbell can send his guys into a playoff game coming off a season sweep of the defending division champs it will have a chance of restoring all confidence they have.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire