Dan Campbell: Lions have no idea who our starters in the secondary will be

Lions head coach Dan Campbell wants every defensive back on the roster to know he has a chance to earn a starting job in the secondary.

Campbell said it's so wide open in the secondary right now that he has no idea who will be starting in Week One. But Campbell says that's a good thing because there are so many defensive backs who are doing everything asked of them in the offseason program.

“It’s a great place to be in. We have so many options right now, so much competitiveness," Campbell said. "The talent level, the competitiveness, the versatility, honestly, we have no idea who our starting lineup is gonna be right now, and it’s exciting. It’s so good. There's no telling who's gonna be our outside corners, who's gonna be our nickel, who's gonna be our safeties. This thing is wide open across the board. It’s gonna be great to let these guys compete and go after it and see who goes, who's gonna be the most reliable guys for us, who's gonna be the most dependable. It's exciting.”

Identifying the right starters in the secondary may be the most important job for the Lions' coaching staff over the next three months.