Dan Campbell explains how the Lions will handle head coaching interviews for his coordinators

There are currently seven head coaching vacancies around the NFL. Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn are each getting a lot of buzz as top candidates for those vacancies.

Both have already had requests from teams with openings to interview for those jobs. However, Detroit’s playoff progress makes it difficult for Glenn and Johnson to interview. They’ve got more urgent business going on, after all.

Head coach Dan Campbell supports them both as head coach candidates. Campbell also knows the limitations the Lions’ ongoing success places on their ability to interview for the openings.

Campbell talked about it during his press conference on Monday.

“Yeah, I mean, the best we can do is it’ll have to be Friday and a little bit of Saturday. So, Friday afternoon after practice is done, they’re going to have to crunch them in there,” Campbell said. “They’re already working on scheduling it. And then Saturday, there’ll be a small window in there after practice, before night meetings and that’s it.”

Five teams have requested interviews with Johnson, with four of them also wanting to interview Glenn.

Campbell made no bones about his belief in both as top candidates.

“First of all, they’re both – like I said, those are worthy candidates and I think they’re, both of them, should be at the top of everybody’s list.”

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire