Damien Lewis is ready to ‘maul guys’ in run and pass protection

Jonathan Warner
NBC Sports Northwest

The Seattle Seahawks needed to beef up their offensive line after the 2019 season, so Pete Carroll and John Schneider selected one LSU guard Damien Lewis in the third round of last month's draft to meet that need.

Lewis, fresh off of winning a Nation Championship with his alma mater, spoke with 710 ESPN Seattle about how confident and ready he is about helping the Seahawks offensive line improve from last year

I'm just a mean, tough and nasty guy who can do it all," Lewis said. "Maul guys in the run, maul guys in the pass, just come in and just lay it out every play, every snap, just going to give it my all.

Lewis was projected to be drafted in the third round in this year's draft, and when he was finally selected by the Seahawks, Lewis talks later in the interview about how that moment was a surreal and quite an emotional one. 

"That right there really just something that I'll never forget, that phone call," Lewis continued. "Just really laid on my heart. Coach Pete told me he wanted me to come to play, and I told him I'd give it my all. From day one to come up there and earn everything; I don't want nothing given to me. Come up there and compete. . . . I'm a winner. This is what I do; I love to win. And I'm going t come in, bring the same thing: mean, tough and nasty."

With the Seahawks releasing Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker, the offensive line is in need of Lewis and his tough, nasty contribution sooner rather than later.

Russell Wilson could be seeing a bit more time in the pocket than in year's past, for once.

You can listen to the full interview with Damien Lewis here.

Damien Lewis is ready to maul guys in run and pass protection originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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