Damian Lillard trolls fans by saying he’s going to the Lakers

While some fans of the Los Angeles Lakers want the team to run it back next season, others want it to make a big, bold move.

The latter group wants the Lakers to go after someone such as Kyrie Irving, or another legitimate star such as Damian Lillard.

Lillard has played all 11 of his NBA seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, and the closest he has come to winning a world championship is getting swept in the 2019 Western Conference finals by the Golden State Warriors. In the last two seasons, Portland failed to reach the playoffs, yet Lillard has remained loyal to the organization.

During an Instagram Live session, he was asked where he’s going this summer, and he responded by mentioning the fact that some fans want him to force a trade to the Lakers.

If Lillard were to make his way to the Purple and Gold, it would likely give him the best chance he has ever had at winning it all. But the chances of that happening are probably lower than the chances of a blizzard hitting Santa Monica.


Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire