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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine go deep into the Damian Lillard trade to find out why the Blazers didn’t want to send him to Miami, which teams are vying for Jrue Holiday, and whether the Suns got better or worse.

On this episode of No Cap Room, Jake and Dan go deep to find out how the 3-team trade that landed Damian Lillard on the Milwaukee Bucks came together and why the Portland Trail Blazers refused to trade him to the Miami Heat, going so far as to stop communication with Lillard and his agent while they shopped him around the league.

The guys also discuss those Toronto Raptors rumors that popped up a few days before the trade, saying that they were real, but explaining why that trade was very unlikely to happen.

Jrue Holiday is now a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll stay there for long. Just about every team in the NBA will be calling them to try and make a deal, but Jake has an idea of a three-team trade between the Blazers, Clippers and 76ers that could be a slam dunk for all three teams.

The Portland Trail Blazers will certainly look a lot different next season. Dan explains why DeAndre Ayton will get a new role in Portland and why he still has some reservations about how the talent on this team fits.

The Phoenix Suns didn’t necessarily get better in this deal, but there’s a sense that they like the fit of Jusuf Nurkic better than what they had in DeAndre Ayton. Dan and Jake talk through that fit and Jake explains why the Suns could also be in the mix to add Jrue Holiday.

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