Damian Lillard circles back on Twitter to make fan’s day, remind us he’s a good egg

There are plenty of things about being a celebrity that seem fantastic — money, fame, preferential treatment at your favorite hotels and restaurant-type places, access to swag-filled gifting suites at award shows and events, and so forth. But celebrity status carries with it the sort of recognition that can make it difficult to take even a quick trip to the mall without being mobbed by the adoring public ... and sometimes, no matter how many autographs you're willing to sign or pictures you're willing to take, you have to cut things off just to keep your day moving, even if it'll disappoint an ardent supporter.

That's the situation Damian Lillard found himself in on Wednesday night, and the Portland Trail Blazers point guard and reigning NBA Rookie of the Year just couldn't get himself past the knowledge that he bummed a young dude out:

Rather than rant, rave and swear off rooting for the Blazers' triggerman forever, said bummed young dude did precisely the right thing:

... which opened the door a social media success story:

Shortly thereafter, at the Bridgeport Village Mall:

With that very cool move, we're pretty sure young Mr. Lillard just cemented the support of way more than just one fan. Big up yourself, Damian, and congrats on nailing down a story and meet-and-greet that'll make you the envy of your peer group, Siros.

It's always nice to see "being reasonable and understanding" result in a positive outcome. It's borderline miraculous when it happens on Twitter, where reason and understanding aren't always in such great supply. Great job, everybody.

Hat-tips to Reddit's NBA community and SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal.

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