Is Dalton Schultz ready to repeat as a top-5 fantasy tight end?

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Liz Loza and Dalton Del Don break down the Cowboys tight end after being a surprising TE3 last season.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Dalton Schultz was the tight end three, as I mentioned, last year. Dalton Del Don has him ranked as the tight end three again this season. I'm a little lower on him. I have him tight end eight. But I know that Dalton is going to serve up one heck of a cogent argument and probably get me to bump him up in my ranks. Go for it, my friend.

DALTON DEL DON: It's not just the biased Dalton argument. I was in a pod with Andy Behrens, like, a month ago, and I threatened to move Schultz number one with the offseason movement. Again, he finished number three-- total fantasy points among tight ends in PPR last year. And now they lost Amari Cooper, Cedrick Wilson. Blake Jarwin suffered this career-threatening hip injury. He's certainly not going to be ready start of the season. Same with Michael Gallup-- probably not going to be ready to begin the year.

So Schultz is going to get all the targets. Ezekiel Elliott's another year older. I just-- I think they're going to really target Schultz, especially in the red zone. Dak Prescott doesn't even run as much, too. So I think it's just setting up very, very well for Schultz. Yes, he's not athletically as gifted as some of these others. But man, you look at the position he's in. It's only got much better in the offseason. And he was a top-three guy last year.

LIZ LOZA: And he has the trust there. I mean, the team did add Jalen Tolbert. And you know, Jalen Tolbert was a player that I studied and discussed with Eric at home during the rookie snapshot. There's a lot he can do.

But you're mentioning Michael Gallup probably coming off of that injury, probably not being 100% at the start of the season. And Tolbert and Gallup have some of that field-stretching overlap in their respective skill sets. So there could be, like, a replacement value to Tolbert versus a-- you know, sucking a massive amount of targets. Also, Tolbert's not ever going to be a target hog. That's just not the type of player he is.

So I'm probably too low on Schultz. I'll admit that one. You're probably right. I think you make a great point about the fact that since he's not one of these, you know, metrics mavens, giant [? SPARQ ?] score athlete type tight ends where all the consensus is maybe not giving him his due, particularly from a volume perspective. So I'm going to move him up.