Is Dallas' offense overrated?

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens discuss CeeDee Lamb's bad game, how Brandon Aiyuk has been more consistent than Lamb in the second half of the season, and so much more.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I think the Cowboys have serious problems with playing up to their ability. I think they don't put their players in the best position overall. This is basically-- the second half of the season there's been so many problems with them as a vertical offense. Like, they don't get anybody open down the field.

Dak's not really taking shots down the field, or at least he's not taking them accurately. And I'm confused about how they fix it I mean, 5.9 yards per attempt for Dak, again, like, he's been under 8 in multiple games here to end the season. That's pretty problematic.

ANDY BEHRENS: This is not a totally fair question to you because there's no way that you would know this, but, like, do you think CeeDee Lamb is hurt? Because he was terrible in this game. He catches, one ball on five targets. I think he had a couple of other plays that were wiped out by penalty, as well.

MATT HARMON: I think a 32-- he had a 32-yarder called back, and there was another one I think he had called back, as well. And he looked visibly frustrated by the fact that those kept getting called back.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, had a brutal drop, though. Hasn't reached 70 yards in any of his last six games. We saw him at the end of one play kind of hopping around on one foot on the sideline. I don't know if he's nursing some sort of issue, but it's just been a-- it's just been a little bit of a crash landing for him in December and January.

MATT HARMON: Well shout out to Sam Wallace, who tweeted this and, obviously, I was tagged in it for reasons that will be clear here in a couple of seconds. Tweeted this yesterday, Brandon Aiyuk since weeks 9 to 18-- clearly why I was tagged in this-- 68 yards per game, 0.3 touchdowns per game, 13.1 fantasy points per game. CeeDee Lamb, 54 yards per game in weeks 9 through 18, 0.2 touchdowns per game, 12 points per game.

I mean, they've both basically been, like, upside wide receiver twos. You know, with a decent ceiling but a little bit rocky, like, which is what you-- by the way, that's what you drafted Brandon Aiyuk to be in, like, the sixth round or whatever. It's not what you drafted CeeDee Lamb to be, and I think this comes back to, they're a little bit weird with his usage. I mean, all the talk coming into this year was, like, please can they just let CeeDee Lamb be a perimeter X receiver.

But they've still, like, moved him around a lot, which is fine. But it also kind of seems very dependent on whether Michael Gallup is out there or not. You know, like when Gallup's out there, they stick Lamb back at the perimeter position. They don't move him into the slot. You know, they let Cedric Wilson be the slot guy there. That's a little confusing.

I feel like they took CeeDee Lamb as a luxury selection because they had Amari Cooper and-- by the way, I mean, Cooper has not played very well this year, either, which is no surprise. He's a very inconsistent player.

But yeah, I think they're-- I think maybe they're a little overrated in the wide receiver room when Gallup goes down, like, they've got two guys who might be-- well, I think Amari Cooper is definitely a number two receiver right now. I think CeeDee Lamb might be a number one at some point, but right now, you probably wouldn't call him like a true number one alpha receiver or whatever.

And then when Gallup goes out, they have Cedric Wilson and, like, a couple of other goofballs back there. So I mean the best player on their offense in the passing game this year has been Dalton Schultz. But that's where we're at right now.

ANDY BEHRENS: I think Schultz, you know I should know this going in, but I think Schultz might be a free agent. I think Wilson might be a free agent. Like, it's weird to say Dallas might need another receiver, but maybe they do.

MATT HARMON: Dalton Schultz was the tight end three this year, Andy. And I feel like we don't--

ANDY BEHRENS: That's just wild.

MATT HARMON: We, like, don't talk about that enough. He was still, like, even going into our playoff DFS contest, he was 18 bucks, like, you know, way below these other guys. You are right that Dalton Schultz is a free agent in 2022.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, so they actually have, you know, it feels weird, and it seems like they're just loaded at receiving talent, but they may actually have a need in the receiving corps as they head into the offseason.

MATT HARMON: And they might have a running back problem, too.

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, man, well they have a running back problem that-- I don't know, maybe everybody's tradable in the NFL, because we've seen, you know, we've seen some crazy contracts move. But Zeke has-- Zeke has $50 million guaranteed on that deal. Like, it's a $90 million deal and $50 million is guaranteed, and they-- like, nobody's helping them out of that. They're not-- I don't know, how many picks would you have to attach to the Zeke Elliott deal to get rid of him?

MATT HARMON: Your whole draft. I mean-- and this is-- Zeke is like the perfect example. The contract and his usage this year is the perfect example of what I said about the Cowboys. Like, they can't look themselves in the mirror and face hard truths, and they and they aren't able to pivot.

Zeke Elliott perfectly, kind of, encapsulates that. Like, I have no-- I have no faith that the Cowboys are going to do anything different with Zeke. They'll probably just run him back next year, because, oh, well he got another 1,000 yard season. We guaranteed he got that by giving him 18 carries in week 18 when he's playing on a torn PCL. This is ridiculous.