The Dallas Mavericks are auctioning off the hardwood court from their 2011 NBA title

Most NBA teams keep their actual hardwood courts for years. If they’re pretty good, they’ll get to place and then peel off several “Playoffs” logos along the way. If they’re darn good, they’ll get to do the same with a “Finals” logo.

From 2000 to 2012, the Dallas Mavericks were pretty good, and darn good. And from 2001 onward, the team has worn the same uniforms and color scheme, while working in American Airlines Center, while making the playoffs each and every season out prior to 2012-13. In 2011, the team was great enough to take home the NBA championship, and for a significant fee in an auction ending on the 1st of August, you could own the court that Dirk Nowitzki and crew trod upon as they grabbed that ring.

From the Dallas Morning News/Sports Day DFW:

The court, which the Mavericks used for the entirety of the 2011 season, still bears the NBA Finals script and logo. It is being split into two lots, and is expected to sell for a combined $20,000 or more.

Also being auctioned are four sets of bench seats from 2011, each autographed by Dirk Nowitzki.

A portion of both proceeds will go to the Dallas Mavericks Foundation, according to Heritage Auctions, the company running the event.

Solid move, Dallas Mavericks.

Unlike grabbing a Boston Garden folding seat for a decorative barber shop accoutrement, or an old Dodger pennant for some rich guy’s office, Texas is big enough to find a bidder to house an entire 47-by-50 half-court, complete with Finals logo. If this were 1978, we’d probably see the thing on Southfork Ranch, just another piece of local charm for Ray Krebs and Lucy Ewing to horse around on.

The bidding, with a reserve price of $7500, starts here. Good luck, Texans.

(Or anonymous German millionaires with a healthy dose of nostalgia and pride.)

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