Dallas Keuchel apologizes for Astros' sign-stealing scandal, but isn't happy Mike Fiers spoke out

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It’s been months since the Houston Astros were first accused of using technology to steal signs, but one of the team’s former players finally apologized for the scandal. Dallas Keuchel, now a member of the Chicago White Sox, apologized for the team’s sign-stealing scheme Friday, though that apology came with a few caveats.

Keuchel, 32, said he was sorry for the situation, but made sure to stress the team didn’t cheat during every game.

That’s not exactly the response most non-Astros fans wanted, though Keuchel was more open about the situation than both Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman. Neither player offered up much when asked about the situation at Astros Fan Fest.

While Keuchel apologized for what happened, it’s also clear he’s not happy the scheme was made public. When asked about Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers — who blew the whistle on the Astros — Keuchel said he was upset Fiers violated a clubhouse rule.

Keuchel added that while some Astros players feel sorrow for what happened, there are “a lot of guys” who are not happy Fiers called attention to the situation, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Keuchel is hardly the only person to express disappointment in Fiers. Both Pedro Martinez and Jessica Mendoza have criticized Fiers for speaking on the record about the extent of the Astros’ cheating in 2017.

Though Keuchel’s apology left a lot to be desired, he’s the first player from the 2017 Astros to acknowledge he messed up. Curiously, Keuchel’s comments come a day after Scott Boras said the players should not apologize for the sign-stealing scandal. Boras is Keuchel’s agent.

Like Fiers, Keuchel has the luxury of no longer being on the Astros. After signing a three-year, $55 million deal with the White Sox in the offseason, Keuchel has moved on. And while he may have to answer occasional questions about the 2017 Astros during the season, Keuchel won’t face the daily onslaught of questions his former teammates will receive about the scandal.

While Keuchel was the first player from the 2017 to apologize for stealing signs, he won’t be the last. Astros owner Jim Crane said Astros players will apologize for the scandal during spring training.

It will be interesting to see how many Astros players address their feelings on Fiers, especially considering they play the A’s 19 times in 2020.

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