A Dallas fan interrupts a press conference to ask new Mavs to take a ‘Mavs Fan for Life’ oath (Video)

During the press conference held to introduce several new members of the Dallas Mavericks last week, one enterprising Mavs fun somehow made his way into the media section and asked the new faces to take an “MFFL Oath.” In case you don’t own the t-shirt, “MFFL” stands for “Mavs Fan for Life.”

Via Can’t Stop the Bleeding, watch:

Devin Harris, Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, Samuel Dalembert, Brandan Wright, Wayne Ellington and DeJuan Blair took the oath in stride, but all passed on raising their hands. Even Mark Cuban, Eternal Mavs Optimist and Blamer of All Things Besides the Mavs When Things Go Wrong, declined to raise his hand.

Considering the fact that two of these players are on one-year contracts, and another is working without a guarantee for 2014-15, this is a little flighty.

(But, yeah, seriously – hate those Lakers. Those 45-win juggernauts.)

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