Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s off the field impact? McCarthy says it’s the best he’s seen

In what has already been a surreal offseason, Dak Prescott had a night to remember Friday before a crowd of more than 500 at the Thompson Hotel where he hosted the fourth annual Faith Fight Finish Foundation Gala.

Several hundred thousand dollars were raised for the foundation, which was established as a tribute to Dak’s mom, Peggy, who died after a battle with colon cancer in 2013. The foundation also honors Dak’s brother, Jace, who died by suicide in 2020.

Since its inception the foundation has raised money for “four pilllars”: colon cancer research, mental health and suicide prevention, to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and to offer assistance to those facing life-challenging hardships.

Ezekiel Elliott, Zack Martin, CeeDee Lamb and Leighton Vander Esch were among the Cowboys teammates in attendance along with Hall of Famer Charles Haley, coach Mike McCarthy and owner Jerry Jones.

The night featured a musical performance by Cowboys super fan Post Malone, a rapper turned country star who attended Grapevine High School.

At one point, McCarthy stood back, surveyed the scene in awe and said he’s known no one in his career who is as good off the field as Prescott. And that includes McCarthy’s time in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre and in Kansas City with Joe Montana.

To be sure, Troy Aikman and Dirk Nowitzki are the only players in Dallas-Fort Worth to have a similar off-the-field impact during their playing careers.

Considering Prescott is heading into the last year of his contract, it is hard not to wonder if the gala was the last of its kind in Dallas.

Jones has said he wants to sign Prescott to a long-term contract extension. Yet there have been no talks with Prescott’s agent about a new deal, which could make him the richest quarterback in NFL history.

And not even Friday, when Jones and Prescott’s agent Todd France were just a few tables a part.

Prescott and his team missed a great a great opportunity to seat them together on this night of fun, and Jones was long gone when the after party commenced upstairs at the swanky and cozy Catbird Restaurant.

“It’s awesome,” Prescott said of Jones being in attendance. “Obviously, he’s an owner who believes in philanthropy, believes in giving back. And we’ve always had a great relationship. Hopefully, he’ll spend some money in the silent auction.”

Well, since Prescott brought up Jones spending money, it was natural to ask about the possibility of Prescott using the night to talk about a new deal.

Prescott dodged the question like escaping a pass rusher off the blindside with a patented spin move.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,’’ Prescott said laughing. “Yeah, it’s all good. A different time, another night.’’

The night was about the cause that is near and dear to Prescott’s heart.

“Each and every day I’m grateful and I’m thankful to be where I am,” he said. “And I know I wouldn’t be where I am, I know I wouldn’t be who I am, the man I am, have the family that I do, if it wasn’t for my mother. That’s her instilling a belief in me, pouring everything she had into me, being selfless, showing me the way it is to love and to have a family. For me, it’s second nature to be able to share that. I want people to understand who my mom was as a person. I think the best way to be able to do that is to be the best individual that I can.

“I know she would be proud. And she would just say, ‘Keep going.’ What she instilled in me, what I’ve always believed is that there is never too much and there’s never enough. Don’t be satisfied with anything. You’ve seen what you can do, go do more.”

Prescott has done more. And the foundation has grown from one pillar to four pillars.

The presence of Eduardo Flores, the NFL international fan of the year from Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, was certain evidence of the impact Prescott has had.

When Flores announced the Cowboys pick during the NFL Draft, he shared his struggles with mental health issues and thanked Prescott for inspiring him to speak out about his own struggles.

“I wouldn’t be standing here without Dak Prescott,” Flores said. “The first thing I would say is ‘thank you’. Thank you for everything. Thank you for inspiring me, for changing the world, for saving me. And I admire you in every aspect of your life.”

Prescott said: “It just shows how important it is to speak out. When you say something, believe in something and you mean something, if it reaches one person, it has done its job. Don’t hesitate to speak from the heart. Me and my mission, is to make sure others don’t experience and feel the pain that me and my family have gone through with my brother personally. To be able to prevent that in different ways and to see that come firsthand live in the draft, letting the world know, is truly special.”

Prescott will give Children’s Health $2.1 million from the Children’s Cancer Fund on Wednesday. The money was raised at the 2024 Children’s Cancer Fund “A Knight to Remember” Gala in April.

Prescott is a co-chair of the event along with Aikman.

It’s another example of the impact Prescott has as Cowboys quarterback and how the organization helps him grow his philanthropic endeavors.

“Just being a Cowboy quarterback, always growing up Cowboy fan, dreaming of playing for this organization and being in this position I realize the magnitude that I have in being able to inspire others and the reach this organization allows me to have,” Prescott said. ”I don’t take it for granted.”

Again, while the lingering question is how much longer will , there is no doubting impact that has already been made.