Dale Moss Had a Super Serious Relationship With Seema Sadekar Years Before ‘The Bachelorette’

Mehera Bonner
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Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC

From Cosmopolitan

  • Clare Crawley’s rumored boyfriend Dale Moss previously dated pro golfer Seema Sadekar.

  • Seema and Dale were “deeply in love” and dated for a few years.

While ABC has confirmed lit-er-al-ly nothing, the internet has basically decided Clare Crawley ditched The Bachelorette after 12 days to pursue a relationship with contestant Dale Moss. And also they might be engaged, unclear. Either way, Bachelor Nation suddenly wants to know everything about Dale—and while we have a whole breakdown over here (TL;DR, he’s an extremely good person), new information has come to light about his romantic life pre-Clare.

According to Life & Style (which broke the news Clare was leaving The Bachelorette), Dale dated pro golfer Seema Sadekar for years, and she was the one who “broke off [their] relationship.” A source tells Life & Style there are no details on what happened, but “based on how happy they looked, I was a bit surprised when they broke up.”

Photo credit: Bryan Steffy - Getty Images
Photo credit: Bryan Steffy - Getty Images

“Seema and Dale were deeply in love. As a couple, they were very nice,” the source continues. “They looked very happy whenever I saw them together. They dated for a few years and their families were very close.”

Dale and Seema dated a full three years ago, so it’s unclear if she’ll be featured in his backstory during The Bachelorette—although it’s not unusual for contestants to dig into their previous relationships. Guess we’ll see!

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