Dak Prescott: Our team culture is great, I feel attacked if there's questions about it

As one of the faces of the Cowboys, quarterback Dak Prescott takes a leading role in just about any discussion of the team's fortunes.

For much of last season, those discussions were positive when it came to Prescott and the job he was doing leading the Cowboys offense as they won the NFC East. Their playoff loss to the Packers sent things in the other direction, however, and the team's repeated losses in the playoffs led to larger conversations about whether the team has the winning culture necessary to get to the Super Bowl.

At a charity event on Monday night, Prescott was asked about that culture.

"Yeah, the culture is high honestly, and the culture is great from my standpoint. . . . My point is that's something I've bragged on and took pride in," Prescott said, via Garrett Podell of "So if there's questions of that or concerns on that, I feel attacked. I'm sure some guys in the locker room do, but at the end of the day, it's a business, and the way that this business plays out, people don't get exactly what they want. There's always sourness I guess you could say somewhere. I don't want to make anything bigger than that."

Questions about a team's culture encompass off-field matters like leadership, but the ultimate verdict comes on the field because teams that win don't have to answer them. Until the Cowboys do that, Prescott will continue to be asked about what they might need to do differently in Dallas.