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Leagues List
Starts (ET)
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EPL Yahoo Cup27.8K/1MFree$10,00038Aug 10, 10:00 AMEnter League
NHL Yahoo Cup29.5K/1MFree$10,00027Oct 2, 7:00 PMEnter League
NBA Yahoo Cup57K/1MFree$50,00027Oct 23, 7:00 PMEnter League
PGA Yahoo Cup28.4K/100KFree$50,00033Jan 2, 3:00 PMEnter League
MLB Yahoo Cup4.6K/1MFree$50,00027May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
GOLF $1 3-Team 22-Round LeagueV2/3$1$2.7222Apr 16, 8:00 AMEnter League
GOLF $1 2-Team 2-Round LeagueV1/2$1$1.802Apr 16, 8:00 AMEnter League
NBA $5 10-Team 10-Round LeagueV3/10$5$4510Apr 29, 7:00 PMEnter League
NBA $1 14-Team 14-Round League2/14$1$12.6014Apr 29, 7:00 PMEnter League
MLB $10 100-Team 27-Round LeagueV8/100$10$899.9127May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
MLB $10 50-Team 27-Round LeagueV7/50$10$45027May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
MLB $10 12-Team 2-Round LeagueV1/12$10$1082May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
MLB $2 50-Team 27-Round LeagueV2/50$2$90.4527May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
MLB $1 100-Team 27-Round League51/100$1$9027May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League
MLB $2 20-Team 2-Round LeagueV2/20$2$362May 7, 1:00 PMEnter League