Daily Sports Smile: Dancing into 2022 NFL season with viral couple's choreography

It's that time of year again. The leaves started changing colors. The temperature started dropping. And the familiar melodies of the NFL theme songs fills the air.

Cost n’ Mayor, a dance duo made up of Austin and Marideth Telenko, knows the sounds all too well and decided to make a compilation of dances to each network's NFL theme song.

The duo included dances for Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network with stomps, arm swings and even a Heisman pose all in sync with the horns and drums that get every football fan hyped for fall. Not only are they in sync with the music, but the Telenkos are also incredibly in sync with each other. And Austin is wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt to top it all off.

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The couple, who got married last year, met in 2019 when they were both booked for a Halloween gig for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had never danced or worked together, but with the entertainment industry shut down, they moved from New York into Marideth's family's house in North Carolina. When they realized they weren't going to pick up their traditional dance careers any time soon, they decided to join creative forces and have some fun on TikTok.

“We get up, we listen to the music and we choreograph to what it feels like, to what looks best on our body,” Austin told the Charlotte Observer about their creative process.

“The thing that resonates most with people is when what you’re watching looks like what you’re hearing,” Marideth said.

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And plenty of people were shocked at how well the movement matched the familiar tunes. Since the video was posted in mid-August, it has been viewed 5 million times on TikTok and an additional 600,000 times on Instagram.

Several NFL teams chimed in the comments section, including the Seattle Seahawks saying, "Incredible," and the Denver Broncos posting, "This feels right," while the New York Jets offered, "A masterpiece." CBS posted a smiley face emoji with hearts to express their appreciation and Fox said, "the vibes - unmatched."

It even got the official co-sign from the NFL, with the league's TikTok account commenting, "It's a yes from me."

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