‘The Daily Show’ breaks down crazy Ugandan parliament brawl

Superfan TV

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the host couldn’t help but laugh at an epic brawl that broke out in the Ugandan parliament over whether or not to change a law that would allow the current president to run again after the age of 75. Noah broke down sections of the video showing the scene saying, “We have to look closer. One guy jumps on to the table and does a spin! Who does a spin in the middle of a fight? That is insane! Looks like a Ugandan Michael Jackson! Like what was that?”

With Noah usually covering dysfunctional U.S. politics, this parliamentary throw down was a nice chance to laugh at a country other than United States. “And watch this part,” he said, “someone throws a chair and the security guy catches it in midair! Like a boss!”

But Noah’s favorite part was one particular representative who wasn’t fighting. “He's just standing there the whole time waving the Ugandan flag like a matador. You can see he's like,’When this is a painting, they will definitely include me, huh?’”

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