Your Daily FoodScope for January 18, 2022

·4 min read

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You may have to mediate breakfast squabbles today, but for once you'll like what you hear. There will some argument as to whether the cereal choice of the day should be bran flakes or muesli but the general consensus is that whole-grain toast with organic strawberry jam is a must.


Unplug today. Leave the cell phone at home before setting out for your morning coffee. Without the distraction of someone squawking in your ear you might actually savor the creamy goodness of that latte. You'll want to tell your Facebook friends exactly how good it is, but that might have to wait until you get home.


Include a visit to the farmer's market in your busy day. You'll get a chance to pick up locally grown asparagus, broccoli, chard and strawberries, but you can also mix and mingle with people who share your interests. You never know what you'll learn from knowing minds -- today you could uncover the secrets of rutabaga.


Your wild child will be there waiting as you awaken today, so mischief could be afoot. Things always go a little nutty when you let Pan take the reins; chocolate and marshmallow s'mores for breakfast? Why not? Stranger things have happened. Wait until you get a load of lunch!


You won't have any interest in talking about the hopes and wishes of other people today. What you desire and want will be foremost in your mind. Top among them will be finding a brunch spot that serves Belgian waffles with the perfect amount of whipped cream and blueberry syrup on top, and you won't care who you have to step on to get there first!

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A sudden onslaught of crippling emotion could hit today when you least expect it or want it. The first enticing aroma of hot cinnamon buns just out of the oven could cause your instincts to kick in; the sudden proliferation of drool that floods your mouth could prevent you from saying anything at all!


If you want something different today, try serving the light Swiss evening dish called Birchermuesli. It's easy to make: muesli with milk and fruit, buttered toast (aka butterbrot) and a hot cafe au lait. Don't worry if you're hungry later. You can always order out for Chinese food.


Reading the fine print will reveal certain truths today, especially at the market. The bad news is you may discover hidden fats, sugars, sodium and calories in seemingly innocuous items, such as low-fat yogurt and fruit drinks. The good news is that more companies are offering healthier items and you won't have to dig that deeply to find them.


You'll come to your family's aid in all projects big and small today. Your amazing ability to multitask will spell the difference between success and failure for them. But make sure they pay you back later by cooking you a nice dinner. Even something as simple as pasta with marinara sauce out of a bottle will be all the appreciation you need.


Using big words and highfalutin phrases may convince some people you're a culinary expert. But don't go too far overboard with your intellectualism. When you brag about that authentic Northern Italian Spagattini Bolognese you recently made, certain people know it was really spaghetti and a meat sauce that may or may not have come from a bottle.


Just a touch of dinner creativity could throw a spark into even the most tepid romance. A well-placed candle here, a single rose there, and a big plate of oysters on the half shell and a bottle of champagne could bring sexy back, even if you've been together longer than you care to remember.


Don't get overwhelmed by home chores today. Stressing about them will get in your way of having fun. It may be best to join pals at the local pub for an afternoon of sports on TV. If you happen to eat a few dozen Buffalo wings and slices of pizza along the way, well so be it.

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