Daily Fantasy 101: How to play DFS

Yahoo Fantasy expert Matt Harmon walks you thru the most important steps on how to play Yahoo Daily Fantasy so you could test your skills and compete for cash prizes. New contests are available everyday. Check out the lobby to join a contest: https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Welcome to DFS, or Daily Fantasy Sports. What is Daily Fantasy? Luckily, I, Matt Harmon, very serious Yahoo Fantasy analyst, is here to explain it to you. DFS, you think you're good at your redraft league, right? You've been dominating that thing for years. Your buddies don't even want to talk to you anymore. Now it's time to test your skills with Daily Fantasy.

Basically, you're drafting a new squad for every contest you join, a new lineup every single week. It's basically your dream. And best of all, you get to win some cash prizes along the way. Pop on into our Draft Lobby, where we have all kinds of different contests geared to all different kinds of user levels as well. First of all, you got to choose the sport and the start time that you want to play.

And once you've done that, pick between the different entry level fees that work best for you and all the contest types. And there is a ton of different contests. Do your research. 50/50s, guarantees, single entry contests, there's all kinds of things out there. And once you've found that contest that you want to play in, it's time to actually have the fun here. It's time to create the winning lineup that's going to bring home that cash prize.

This is where you pick the players that you think will perform well in their respective matchups for that day, that week, whatever. But the twist here is you do have to stay within the given salary cap. If you're new, think about that as like your budget. And of course, we've got all kinds of information here. You just click on the player, their card, and there's all kinds of stuff here. You want to stay up to date on the latest news about that player, their practice reports, their injury updates. This is all stuff that is crucial to know in Daily Fantasy.

Once you've completed your team, go ahead and submit your lineup and follow along with any changes you need to make before the games start, you know, just in case there's late scratches, postponements, whatever. There's a lot of twists and turns in Daily Fantasy. But once the games begin, you can watch your team rack up points via desktop, mobile, the Yahoo Fantasy app.

And of course, remember what it's all about, getting rewarded with cash prizes for the winning lineup that you certainly are going to put together. Yeah, you look like you're ready to get started to me. So go ahead, create a new account or use your current Yahoo account. And we're awesome, obviously, because when you make your first deposit, you get 10 bucks in free site credit. Now, if that's not a reason to get started, I don't know what is.