Your Daily Couples Horoscope for November 25, 2021

·3 min read

Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Our daily couple horoscope can help you find what’s been lost and maintain that spark!


Your plans with your partner could change quickly today. Be prepared for anything and you won't be caught off guard. If your quiet dinner for two becomes a big group thing, just go with it!


Your feelings for your partner run deep. Even if you think they know how much you care, they'll love hearing you say the words. Take a moment today to tell them you love them.


Today your desire to flirt is in full gear. Tease your partner throughout the day with sassy messages, letting them know what they're in for tonight. When evening comes, make good on your promises!


Honest communication with your partner is always important, but right now it is absolutely essential. If something is on your mind, speak up. Don't wait for it to become a problem.


The time is right for having an open and honest talk with your loved one about your hopes and desires. When each of you knows what the other is looking for, you can work to make it happen.

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Don't leave any details to chance today. Go over your plans with your honey as many times as you need to in order to feel confident. Later, you'll be glad you made the effort.


Something very exciting it happening for you, but it might not be time to share it with the world just yet. You can give your partner some of the details before you make your big announcement.


Weigh your options carefully today. If something seems too good to be true, you and your loved one would be wise to pass on it. Now is not the time to be taking unnecessary risks.


Small gestures on your part will have a big impact on your partner, especially if you do them without their knowledge. They may not know how you did it, but they will certainly enjoy the results.


Keep things simple today. If you have something you have to discuss with your honey, cut right to the chase. You don't want to lose them by overwhelming them with information.


You've got creativity to spare today. Put it to use coming up with a new solution to an ongoing issue with your partner. If you can see it from a different angle, you can find an answer.


There's a lot going on in your life right now, and while you're a master multitasker, you may feel like you need a break. Plan a mellow evening with your partner and feel all the stress melt away.

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