Dad sparks drama after calling out teenager daughter’s ‘bratty’ behavior: ‘Not acceptable’

A single father isn’t sure if he went too far in disciplining his 14-year-old daughter. The father of five went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. After his daughter went through her first breakup, her behavior changed. The father tried to be understanding, but when she started insulting her siblings, he got fed up and snapped. He tried to explain that her words were hurtful, but the teenager refused. “Yesterday, she called her youngest brother a ‘r*****’ and I snapped, which I don’t usually do but after a week of the behavior, I was ready to end it”. “I told her that breakups sucked and they hurt beyond belief, but that she was acting like a brat and it needed to end,” the father wrote. Reddit users understood the father’s dilemma. “I’m sure she’s having a hard time, but it’s no excuse to bully her siblings,” someone said