Dad performs seductive trash can dance when wife says he looks 'sexy' taking out garbage

A husband put on a seductive dance in the backyard with his trash can, and the hilarious performance is going viral!. Dad and TikToker @boredtrophyhusband gained over 19 million views and nearly 10,000 comments when he shared his sexy dance online. In the video, @boredtrophyhusband walks out in the pouring rain, full trash bag in hand. "When your wife says you look sexy taking out trash," his on-screen text reads. With his back to the camera the whole time, the smoldering dad saunters out to his garbage can and effortlessly tosses the bag into the open can, then hops up onto the closed lid. He then puts on a steamy "chair" dance (subbing in a stinky garbage can for the typical chair), while "River" by Bishop Briggs plays. TikTokers fell in love with the funny dad — not only for his impressive moves but for his dedication to household chores as well!. "If my future husband doesn’t do this, I DON’T WANT HIM!" someone said