Dad’s perfect Elmo impersonation leaves baby girl ‘too stunned to speak’

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A baby girl was left speechless by her father’s perfect Elmo impersonation.

Elmo is having a moment. The Sesame Street muppet went viral on TikTok for his sassy vocals and then again on Twitter for his, well, sassy personality. Elmo even had to release a statement this January about his ongoing feud with Zoe and her pet rock Rocco. It’s pretty clear, Elmo has achieved icon status amongst children and adults at this point.

So when TikToker Anna Partlow’s baby girl thought she was having a real-life encounter with the Elmo, she was at a loss.

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“When daddy is Elmo, so every day is Sesame Street,” the mother wrote in the caption.

The baby girl was sitting down when her Elmo stuffed animal emerged from behind the couch. Little did she know it was daddy puppeteering the whole thing.

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“A plastic water bottle and a paper towel roll,” the father sang, doing a pitch-perfect impersonation of Elmo’s voice.

The little girl could hardly react. She was too amazed at Elmo’s presence.

“She was too stunned to speak,” Partlow said.

The video received over 3.2 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok.

“That is a dad requirement to have an Elmo voice. All dads I know have one,” a user joked.

“Because it’s the internet, I have no idea if this is actually the actor for Elmo or a good impersonation,” another said.

“This will be a core memory,” someone commented.

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