Dad hilariously impersonates his ‘wrecking ball’ toddler at 6 a.m.: ‘This is spot on’

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Sometimes, parents just want a nice, relaxing morning. But toddlers have other plans in store for them.

In his videos, TikTok dad Joshua Gillet shares what life is like raising his toddler daughter. The father lamented the struggles of trying to have a lazy morning with little chaos, only to be ambushed by his kid.

Most parents are no stranger to the relatable challenge. Children are just tiny balls of energy the moment they wake up. Gillet even likened his daughter to a “wrecking ball” in the mornings.

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“Parents trying to enjoy a nice quiet morning,” Gillet said.

The father showed himself drinking a nice mug of coffee, then sitting at the table to enjoy a bowl of Cheerios. That was until his toddler (also played by him) busted into the room riding a toy car and wearing sunglasses at 6 a.m.

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The toddler threw his toys all over the living room floor, jumped on the couch and gorged on Trix cereal. He finished things off by unleashing a stream of confetti and launching a toy right into dad’s coffee.

“It’s like waking up to a wrecking ball coming through your house,” Gillet wrote in the caption.

The scene was a little too relatable for parents who responded in the comment section.

“This is spot on for our five kids. There is no quiet breakfast for mom and dad here,” someone replied.

“My son definitely wins the day always,” another wrote.

“That’s not [just] a toddler. You get that until they are 15 at least,” a person commented.

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