Dad claps back at nasty troll who says he's not an 'alpha male'

A loving dad had to defend himself from a troll who accused him of not being "alpha" enough, and TikTokers couldn't believe the rude comment. Father and firefighter, Jared Thomas (@jared.c.thomas), gained over 2.3 million views and nearly 10,000 comments when he posted a tutorial of how he uses his Moby baby wrap. "We've lost our alpha males..." the total stranger wrote in Jared's comments — . ... implying, of course, that Jared is a "beta male," a slang term defined as "a man who lacks masculine energy and adopts feminine characteristics". In response to the troll's rude remark, the proud dad replied, "If not being alpha means being a good dad, then I’m good not being 'alpha'". In fact, Jared was so unbothered by the troll's nasty remark that he filmed a follow-up tutorial, slowly demonstrating how to use a Moby wrap with step-by-step instructions. TikTokers were quick to take up Jared's fight for him, with thousands of replies rolling in to praise his parenting skills. "This is one of the most alpha things I’ve seen on TikTok. Great dad," one user wrote