Dad chokes up the second newborn is placed in his arms: 'You just changed my whole life'

A dad has gone viral for his emotional reaction to holding his newborn son for the first time, and TikTokers everywhere are tearing up. Mom and TikToker Addy Shiloh (@addyshiloh) captured the beautiful moment and shared it online — quickly garnering 12M views, 2M likes, and 13K comments. In the video, we see the new father waiting anxiously as a nurse swaddles his newborn baby boy. Already, you can see the love he has for his new son. When it's time for Dad to hold his little boy, the nurse gently hands the bundle over, and the new dad immediately chokes up. He sniffles as he tries to hold back his tears, but it's clear he can hardly contain the emotions he's feeling. The video teases with on-screen text, "Just wait and listen close, you won't regret it" — and right before the footage ends, you hear it: "You just changed my life," Dad says softly. In response to the emotional footage, comments from TikTok users came pouring in. "It’s that moment right there that takes us from a boy to a man. Blessed bro," another user commented