Dad Builds Cool Bed For His Toddler Transitioning From Crib To Bed

This dad built a beautiful one-of-a-kind bedtime sanctuary to help his toddler transition from sleeping in a crib to a bed!. Bailey Solyntjes (@bailey.solyntjes) is a TikToker and busy mom of two. Bailey Solyntjes (@bailey.solyntjes) is a TikToker and busy mom of two. She recently shared a video of the awesome toddler bed her husband built to help their son, Joey, transition out of his crib. The clip begins with a shot of Solyntjes’ husband and little Joey in the thick of completing the bed’s frame. which is specially designed to look like a mini house complete with a roof and working gate! . What was once an empty room is now a toddler dream haven. Viewers on TikTok couldn’t get enough of the DIY wonder bed. “Does he sell these? I would definitely buy one for my 1-year-old,” inquired one curious consumer. Transitioning from crib to bed is a significant toddler milestone. Experts say that letting your child have agency in the process can help them feel more comfortable and secure at bedtime. involving your child in the crib-to-bed adventure can help prepare them for the transition and get them excited about sleeping in a big kid bed