Dad asks TikTok if he's wrong for letting his baby 'walk it off' when she falls

A TikTok dad is asking the Internet if he's wrong for letting his toddler "walk it off" after she falls — and how his video has gone totally viral!. Posted by the TikTok channel @babyfaceniko, the video has garnered millions of views, all answering Dad's question, "Am I wrong for this?". In the video, Dad and his baby girl are walking in the park, when suddenly his daughter takes a tumble. But instead of bending down to scoop her up, the dad calmly looks to make sure she's ok, then lets her pick herself up. As he explains in the on-screen text and in his caption, he's trying to raise a "tuff cookie" but he's asked TikTokers to weigh in on this philosophy. "Nope… That’s the way to do it daddy. They need to learn on their own, but you being there makes it easier," one user wrote. "No. We do that too. If you freak out, so will they," responded another user. "We have to teach our girls and women to be strong from an early age because life ain’t gonna help them up," wrote another user. While you should always ensure your little ones are safe, it's important to teach them how to be strong and independent too. It's all about balance!