Dachshund's Overly-Creepy Halloween Costume Is Cracking People Up

It's a little creepy but so cute!

For many, spooky season is truly ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ Autumnal treats (and tricks), pumpkin-flavored everything, and the chance to dress up however you want? Um—yes, please!

As it turns out, even our furry friends enjoy getting in on the Halloween action—just ask @crusoe_dachshund. This social media star had a blast trying on his new elephant costume, even if it was a little too creepy for comfort.

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That’s gonna be a no from us. Those hollowed-out eye holes look positively soulless, even if there’s definitely a dog in that costume. Even TikTok commenters are feeling uncomfy with the outfit!

“The adjustment looks way better 😹,” agreed @iamhugo_thecat. Glad we’re not the only ones who think so! There are a few rebels like @rmhaus who think “the first one is perfect 😂🥰😂🥰,” and we’re just going to ignore how many likes are on that comment. Maybe creepy is more popular than we thought!

Luckily, not all angles are as spooky—even before the modifications. @Voteinnovember pointed out that, “the backend view is so dang cute! 🥰,” and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t agree at least a little bit. It’s hard to top a cute Dachshund booty!

“I’m laughing so hard!😂😂😂,” wrote @steph. Well yeah, we don’t blame you! As creepy as the original costume was, it’s pretty amusing to see a plush elephant coming to life before your eyes. It’ll be hard to find a better Halloween costume than that!

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