Dabo Swinney sounds off on everyone questioning Clemson’s approach to the transfer portal

As we all know, Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football program have a different approach to the transfer portal than most. 

Following Clemson’s 28-7 defeat to Duke, the national media has been very aggressive in their stance that Swinney’s lack of usage in the transfer portal and refusal to “adapt” has led to the situation the program is in right now. Swinney met with the media Wednesday and was asked about the portal. Swinney sounded off, explaining how the loss to the Blue Devils had nothing to do with the portal.

“I don’t have any reaction to that. I think that’s ridiculous,” Swinney said. “That had nothing to do with us getting beat by Duke on Monday night.”

For Swinney, it was a failure to take advantage of the many opportunities the Tigers were given in the matchup. In particular, their red zone troubles. 

“What cost us the game the other night was being first-and-goal on the 1 twice and getting nothing, and down inside the 5 a third time and getting nothing,” Swinney said. “That (the portal) didn’t have anything to do with that. But whatever narrative they want to create, that’s fine. We’re gonna keep on keepin’ on.”

Swinney is doubling down on his stance with the transfer portal, and in this case, what he’s saying does make sense. It’s not like the Tigers didn’t have a plethora of chances to beat Duke. 

On the other hand, teams such as Florida State have taken advantage of the new shift in college football and, in result, are thriving. What do you think? Is it time for Clemson to utilize the transfer portal?

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire