Dabo Swinney gave Kelly Bryant the day off after informing him of QB change

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Clemson coach Dabo Swinney wasn’t going to force quarterback Kelly Bryant to practice on Monday after delivering the news that Trevor Lawrence would be the team’s starting quarterback.

Bryant had been starting for the No. 3 Tigers with Lawrence getting part-time reps. But the five-star freshman had shown enough promise to make Swinney and his coaching staff decide to switch starters.

Swinney said Tuesday that he gave Bryant the day off of practice after talking with him Monday afternoon. He said it wasn’t a fun day for anyone. It apparently really wasn’t fun for Bryant, who also didn’t practice on Tuesday.

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“It’s a bad day to be the head coach,” Swinney said. “Most days it’s good. It’s a bad day. Because I love Kelly. This is one of the — it’s emotional. It’s emotional for him. Tough day, I gave him the day off last night. It was a rough afternoon.”

Swinney then also remarked that he was glad God wasn’t a head coach of a football team. Bryant was the team’s starter throughout the 2017 season as Clemson went to the College Football Playoff.

“I’m glad God ain’t a coach, I can tell you that. I can tell you I’m glad, because as a coach you have to be critical. You’ve got to rank people. It’s hard man. And I’m thankful that God ain’t that way. With God, everybody’s first team. There ain’t no first team, second team, third team. And we’re all five stars with God.”

Swinney was also asked about a possible transfer for Bryant. He said the two had talked about “a lot” of things. Later Tuesday, the Post and Courier noted that Bryant did not practice with the team on Tuesday. The senior quarterback already has his undergraduate degree and could redshirt the rest of the season thanks to a new rule in college football and be immediately eligible to play in 2019 if he wanted to transfer.

Since Bryant has already played in four games this season — the maximum allowed if a player will redshirt during a season — we’ll have an idea if a transfer is an option fairly soon.

Kelly Bryant won’t start against Syracuse on Saturday. Trevor Lawrence will be the team’s QB. (Getty)
Kelly Bryant won’t start against Syracuse on Saturday. Trevor Lawrence will be the team’s QB. (Getty)

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