Dabo Swinney discusses his ‘Old Testament response’ to an ‘idiot’ caller

As many of you know by now, Dabo Swinney got heated with a fan during his weekly Monday radio call-in show, sharing an emotional response after being questioned by a fan named Tyler. 

During his weekly Tuesday press conference, Swinney was asked about his response to the fan. According to Swinney, the caller got an ‘Old Testament’ response from him.

“I had some idiot go Old Testament on me, and he got an Old Testament response,” Swinney said. “Y’all print that one!” 

Following this, Swinney was asked if he could add to his response to the caller. The Clemson head coach is willing to fight for his program.

“What else is there to add? What is there to add? I’m going to fight for this program,” Swinney said.

“That’s why I know coaches (don’t) take calls,” Swinney continued. “That’s why right there. Because people hijack the phone call. They want to hear themselves talk. That’s why most coaches around the country don’t take calls. That’s the reason right there. That’s probably what we’ll start doing next year. They go to the thing, and they go, ‘OK, Kathleen from Clemson, she wants to know, what’s your favorite ice cream?”

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire