D-B softball stops SHHS while Cherokee rallies against Volunteer on the diamond

(WJHL) — Hawkins County rivalry between the Cherokee chiefs and volunteer falcons. Chiefs are up 4-1 in the bottom of the second, Aden Parsons will hit it to center Chiefs will get him out but Blakelie Broussard will come home to score and close the game to 4-2.

Top of the third, chief’s Gage Adkins will hit it to 2nd base where it’s caught, they then double up Manning Brooks trying to return to first for the double play. Bottom of the third, Grayson Deniss hit the grounder that was snagged by clay Wagner for the nice play….. he then fired home but Mason Emery would slide in safely and it was 4-3.

Cherokee goes on to win 11-5


Now for the girls, the Lady Hilltoppers will come up to the model city to take on the lady Indians. tied 2-all at the bottom of the second, Tribe’s Reagan Hollowell hit to right field and after the fumble Madalyn, Kelley sent the ball back home to stop Kennedy hatcher in her tracks.

Top of the third, Beth Pridemore will bunt the ball and try booking it to first. she doesn’t make it but Malia Maroukas cuts it close and is safe, toppers are now up 3 to 2.

Top of the fifth, Maddie Diamond hit to the right field and bringing Makenzie Cumbow and pridemore home toppers led 5 to 2. but the tribe came back and won 6 to 5 in 8 innings

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