For cute! Young son of coach Eric Ramsay joins MNUFC tradition of scoring post-game goals

Minnesota United has become famous for its post-win singalongs of the Oasis ballad “Wonderwall,” but that’s not the only fun-loving tradition after final whistles wrap up Loons’ victories at Allianz Field.

For years, some United players have been bringing their young children onto the field to shoot on the south goal in St. Paul. When the tykes score, supporters shower them with “awws” and applause.

It’s hard to find a cuter scene across Minnesota sports.

Former Loons captain Ozzie Alonso often brought his curly haired daughters onto the grass field during the Cuban’s tenure in Minnesota from 2019-21. When the Alonso young ladies would score, the legendarily steely defensive midfielder would reveal a rarely seen softer side, wrapping them in hugs and planting kisses.

Current MNUFC captain Michael Boxall’s two children have been regulars on this scene for years, and they again took the field after the 2-1 win over Sporting Kansas City on Saturday.

But there’s a new kid in town, 2-year-old Jack Ramsay, son of new head coach Eric Ramsay. The 32-year-old father plopped Jack down inches from goal and set a ball between him and the net.

Jack’s path was veering off course, so like any good coach, Ramsay put his son in a position to be successful and moved the ball into his waddling path.

Wearing Minnesota black and blue, Jack sent a gentle shot trickling over the goal line, and fans roared in a similar decibel level to when Boxall and Tani Oluwaseyi scored in the MLS match.

“I thought (Jack) was going to miss at one point; he was on the line,” Ramsay said in his post-match press conference. “But he loved it. It was a moment he has probably been waiting for. It was a nice moment for me and the family.”

Ramsay, a Welshman, made a massive career leap in February, going from assistant coach at Manchester United in the English Premier League to head coach of MNUFC. The leap of faith included moving his young family, wife Sioned, Jack and 9-month-old Lillie, from Great Britain to the U.S.

Besides the primary task of adjusting to a new league and club, Ramsay said that he was going to spend his bye weekend in mid-March assembling furniture and kids toys in their new home.

On the field, Ramsay improved to 3-2-1 through his opening six games. When he won his debut match 2-0 over Los Angeles FC on March 16, Ramsay intentionally observed the joyous scene near midfield, well behind the celebrating players. He preferred to soak it in.

Ramsay again wanted to remain behind the players on Saturday, but goalkeeper Dayne St. Clair wouldn’t allow it. When players linked hands for their curtain call reminiscent of a theater production, St. Clair made sure to grab Ramsay’s hand and not let go during their thankful gesture to supporters.

‘Unacceptable’ missed call

While Ramsay was still on the field, Kansas City coach Peter Vermes was already doing his post-match video news conference inside the visitors’ area of the stadium. He held up a tablet paused to to the moment he felt proved Oluwaseyi was offside on the Loons’ second goal.

“That is completely unacceptable,” Vermes told the Kansas City Star. “It’s so easy to see it.”

The goal, Oluwaseyi’s team-leading fourth of the season, went to video assistant referee Kevin Scott but was upheld.

“You’re always a little bit nervous, especially in the age of VAR, you never really know what’s going to stand and what’s not,” Oluwaseyi said of the contentious review process. “While it’s going on (in the game), you’re not realizing if you’re offside or not in the moment, you’re just kind of playing. So, you kind of just have to wait, put it in the hands of the ref (veteran Ted Unkel) and wait from there and clear it.”

In his short tenure, Ramsay has been reluctant to address potentially controversial calls immediately following matches whether it hurts or helps his side. He has been willing to share more on his views once he’s able to rewatch matches.

“I’ve only seen the replay on the stadium screen,” Ramsay said late Saturday night. “It did look very close. I don’t know which way right, which way wrong. But I’m sure over the course of the season, you will get an even balance in some that go for you and some that don’t. We were fortunate (Saturday).”

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