Curry believes Barkley envies his golf skills over shooting ability

Curry believes Barkley envies his golf skills over shooting ability originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry and Charles Barkley have an interesting relationship, talking smack to each other about basketball and golf for years.

Although Barkley has neither a golf swing nor a jump shot that rivals Curry’s, he tends to elicit attention from the Warriors’ superstar.

He did again, as Curry appeared on a recent episode of “Dubs Talk” with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole and Dalton Johnson, sharing whether he believes Barkley is more jealous of his golf swing or NBA shooting ability.

“Us basketball players that love golf, we’re psychos,” Curry told Poole and Johnson. “So, I wouldn’t be surprised if golf was the answer to that question. At one point, [Barkley] was actually pretty good, from all the accounts I’ve heard about when he was playing with Michael [Jordan] back in the nineties. I think he was shooting in the seventies at one point. And he just had a breakdown and some kind of mental lapse or forgot how to swing or forgot how to play. You see what it looks like now.”

Barkley was known to be a decent player during his days on the green with Jordan, but the golf swing Golden State’s superstar mentioned is troubling.

While Barkley might not have the prettiest swing, he does have a decorated career to look back on. Over 1,073 NBA games, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer averaged 22.1 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists.

Most importantly, Barkley has a golf win on record against Curry, which bugs the Warriors’ future Hall of Famer to this day.

“I have Tahoe over his head, forever," Curry proclaimed to Poole and Johnson. "Not even in the same category. But, [Barkley] and Phil Mickelson hustled me and Peyton Manning back in the first "Match" that I played in. So, I can’t ever live that down. It still stings that I lost in anything golf to Chuck.”

Even with an American Century Championship win, Curry can’t escape the “Chuckster.”

But, Curry knows he has the ringless Barkley beat on the floor as a four-time NBA champion.

“He can keep hating on [the Warriors], saying we’re cooked, ‘Jump-shooting teams don’t win championships,’ " Curry explained to Poole and Johnson. “But I’ll just send him a picture of me with the American Century trophy and a ring on, and it’ll be cool.”

If it wasn’t clear, Barkley probably is jealous of all of Curry’s skills and trophies.

And unfortunately for Barkley, Curry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down on the hardwood or the green.

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