Curious Arctic Fox Pups Destroy Hidden Camera In The Most Adorable Way


Sorry PBS “Nature,” these mischievous arctic fox pups don’t give two hoots about how expensive your cameras might be.

The documentary TV program shared footage Wednesday of a litter of pups finding and scratching the living daylights out of a “hidden” motion-sensor camera.

The camera was “no match” for the playful creatures, “Nature” mused on Twitter.

The cute footage was taken from the network’s “Fox Tales” documentary. Watch thefull episode on the PBS website.

Arctic foxes, found throughout the Arctic tundra, are described as “incredibly hardy” animals that live in temperaturesas cold as 58 degrees below zero, according to National Geographic.

In the spring, female arctic foxes are known to give birth tolarge littersof five to 14 pups.

H/T Sploid

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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