'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is back and it feels pretty, pretty, pretty good

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Curb Your Enthusiasm returned Sunday night after a six-year hiatus, and having Larry David back in my life feels pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. The whole gang is back together, and all their love-hate relationships makes every episode feel like the holidays with your family.

Not much has changed in Larry’s world; it’s still mostly just him griping about everyday absurdities. And, of course, Larry is still getting himself into trouble. But upsetting the ayatollah may have gone a tad too far.  

The episode saw Larry breaking up an engagement between two lesbians, getting “Fatwa’d” by the ayatollah for mocking him on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and “foisting” a worthless assistant onto Susie after Jimmy Kimmel “foisted” her onto Larry. “Foisting” is getting rid of a bad assistant by getting her another job with someone else.

It’s good to have you back, Larry!

Curb Your Enthusiasm airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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