Cubs owners mentioned moving team out of Chicago after disagreement with mayor

Todd Ricketts (center) angrily suggested the Cubs leave Chicago in emails to his family members. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
Todd Ricketts (center) angrily suggested the Cubs leave Chicago in emails to his family members. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Even people who actively ignore baseball know that the Cubs play in Chicago. The team is as Chicago as an Italian beef sandwich or Lake Shore Drive.

Given all the history between the team and city, the Chicago Cubs would never consider moving away, right? Well …

Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the team and brother of Tom Ricketts, actually suggested the possibility in emails acquired by Splinter.

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The emails were sent in 2013, when the Cubs were engaged in a battle with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel regarding how the team would pay for Wrigley Field renovations and develop the area surrounding the stadium.

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In the email, which was sent to other members of the Ricketts family, Todd Ricketts writes:

“I think we should contemplate moving, or at least recognize that we are maybe not the right organization to own the Cubs.”

Now, before you get too up in arms over the quote, Cubs fans, know that there’s no way the team would actually leave the city. And note that Ricketts’ comments were not made toward any city official. This wasn’t a threat. This was just an angry comment about Emanuel refusing to grant the team money to renovate Wrigley Field.

It’s also possible Todd Ricketts’ comments were politically motivated. Emanuel is a Democrat, while Todd Ricketts is connected to the Republican Party. He was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as the Deputy Secretary of Commerce. Ricketts backed out of that job, but was later named to a position on the Republican National Committee.


So, no, the Cubs aren’t going to move away from Chicago. There’s no reason for Cubs fans to be angry about that. Being upset that the issue even came up in the first place, however, is fair game.

(Yahoo Sports MLB H/N: Deadspin)

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