Cubs owner insists Sammy Sosa 'put everything on the table' regarding alleged PED use

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts won’t invite Sammy Sosa back to the team until he opens up on alleged PED use. (AP)
Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts won’t invite Sammy Sosa back to the team until he opens up on alleged PED use. (AP)

We’ve been down this road many times before. Every year, in fact, when the Cubs Convention rolls around in Chicago, fans wonder if this might be the year Sammy Sosa is finally welcomed back into the fold.

Well, Cubs Convention has arrived this weekend, but once again there’s no Sammy Sosa. Based on the latest comments from Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

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According to several reporters on the scene, Ricketts was again asked about Sosa’s status during a fan Q & A session on Saturday morning. In response, Ricketts continued to insist that Sosa and other players from the PED era owed everyone a little honesty, suggesting that Sosa “put everything on the table” regarding his alleged steroid use before he’d ever consider extending an invitation.

The response is nothing, if not consistent. At the Cubs Convention in 2016, Ricketts said the following about Sosa:

“For me, Sammy’s a great person, he was a great player, obviously one of my favorite players for many years as a Cub, but I just feel like there are certain things that over time should happen before players are welcomed back. I’d just like to see — not just talking about Sammy — I’d like to see all of baseball kind of shine some light on everything that happened or didn’t happen. I think that would bring more closure.

“But for the time being, I think we’ll just leave things (with Sosa) as they are.”

Ricketts said then that he would be forgiving to past alleged PED users under the right circumstances. What those circumstances are beyond apparently telling Ricketts what he wants to hear, is unknown.

What is known is that a lot of Cubs fans and baseball people in general don’t share the same feelings as Ricketts. They’d like to see Sosa acknowledged for energizing Wrigley Field during times when the Cubs weren’t so good, and when they otherwise had no reason to watch.

Others have pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in Ricketts’ statement.

While others still believe it’s the owners from that generation that owe all of us an explanation for willingly turning a blind eye to it while raking in the money.

Ricketts, of course, was not around during that era. He’s also entitled to handle his business as he sees fit. But this is one area where the fans aren’t going to back down.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume both Ricketts and Sosa will continue standing their ground as well. That means we’re looking at a stalemate that will only continue to rob fans of their chance to acknowledge Sosa in a meaningful way, while accomplishing next to nothing beyond that.

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