Cubs fans flipped off Bryce Harper after his well-played troll move

Bryce Harper was already one of baseball’s most polarizing players before Tuesday night. Heck, he’s been one of baseball’s most polarizing players since he was drafted No. 1 overall.

He’s probably gotten flipped off by fans in plenty of stadiums over the years, but none might have been as entertaining as what happened at Wrigley Field.

Harper caught the last out of the sixth inning, turned out like he was going to throw it into the stands and — in a great troll move — heaved it out of Wrigley Field and onto a nearby rooftop.

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Joey Votto, baseball’s best fan troll, would be proud.

Watch the above video closely and you’ll see that NBC Philly had to blurt out fans who were flipping off Bryce after his throw. Cubs fans should have learned from his throw Monday night that Harper has a good arm. But this also seems like a suitable response given the circumstances. A fun back-and-forth with the opposing fans is OK as long as it doesn’t cross the line.

Back before Harper’s offseason free-agent saga, Chicago was looked at as a possible destination. He landed in Philly, of course, and appears to have already adopted some of the local customs.

The Cubs won the game on a walk-off single by Javy Baez, so this time, it looks like they got the last laugh.

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