Adult fan yanks away Cubs walk-off home run ball from 2 kids

Jack Baer

An official MLB ball is 5 ounces of leather, yarn and rubber. Certain adults still go crazy for them, as one Chicago Cubs fan showed when his team walked off the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday.

Kyle Schwarber bashed his 21st homer of the season in the 10th inning to give the Cubs a 4-3 win. The ball ended up in the basket hanging over the outfield walls of Wrigley Field.

Chicago Cubs' Kyle Schwarber watches his game-ending solo home run while teammate Javier Baez back, celebrates during the 10th inning of a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
Kyle Schwarber walked it off for the Cubs on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Two young fans with baseball gloves had the ball fall right in front of them and tried to reach for it, though the ball was hard to get in the deep baskets. As the prize bounced away from them, an adult fan sitting next to them stretched over and pulled the ball up.

The fan, sporting a custom “Mai Tai Guy” jersey, then held up the ball for all the cameras to see.

Many fans were quick to criticize the fan on Twitter, though some residents of the Wrigley bleachers defended the fan’s actions. One such bleacher regular told Yahoo Sports the fan frequently helped kids, including the two who nearly caught the ball, nab batting practice balls and balls tossed to fans, while live home run balls are “fair game.”

WGN Radio’s Mark Carman shared a photo of the kids on Wednesday that showed they had all received balls.

Wrigley Field has seen such an incident before, as a middle-aged fan seemed to take away a ball tossed to a young fan last season. It did later emerge that the older fan had apparently helped the same child obtain a ball earlier in the game, but it was still an awful look, just like what happened on Tuesday.

The Cubs still ended up stepping in and giving the young fan a Javier Baez-signed ball, so all was well in the world. We’ll see if they do something similar here.

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