Cubs are asking MLB to reschedule their makeup game with the Nationals

Sean Sears
NBC Sports Chicago

The Cubs and Mother Nature are in an intense battle of the elements, with Hurricane Florence barrelling into the East Coast later this week, the outlook for Thursday's makeup game with the Nationals does not look great. According to 670 the Score's interview with Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney, the Cubs are trying to convince the MLB to reschedule their makeup game this Thursday to avoid the anticipated poor weather. 

The issue is Thursday is the only shared off-day between the Cubs and Nationals and playing a doubleheader Friday doesn't help the teams avoid Hurricane Florence either. Kenney is pushing the MLB to allow the two teams to play after the regular season is scheduled to end, the Score assumed that game would be on October 1st. 

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While this would help both teams stay out of the nasty weather, which has already seen a million people evacuate the East Coast to avoid the storm, but it would also give the Cubs another off day - something this team would cherish after playing 30 games without a day off.

Currently, the Cubs are planning on playing Thursday in Washington D.C. while attempting to work with city officials in Cincinnati to try and push back the Friday 1:20 pm start time with the Reds to try and get some rest between games. 

"We're assuming we're playing in Washington on Thursday and therefore it would help if we finish late in Washington on Thursday to play a little later here on Friday," Kenney said. "That's the most we can do at the moment and continue to monitor the storm and really just hope for the best for the folks on the East Coast."

Kenney and the Cubs hope to have plans resolved by Tuesday to allow ample time for fans and broadcast partners time to coordinate for the matter. Things are coming down to the wire between the Cubs and Brewers, and an extra day of rest would go a long way in favor of the Cubs. 


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