Croucher taking LaFleur to win NFL COY at 25-1

Jay Croucher explains to Drew Dinsick why he's all in on betting Packers head coach Matt LaFleur to win NFL Coach of the Year at 25-1 odds.

Video Transcript

JAY CROUCHER: Matt LaFleur, Coach of the Year is 25 to 1. They are plus 400, thereabouts, to win the division. So about a 20% chance to win the division. And I think that if they win the division, I think that Matt LaFleur is going to get all of the credit for Jordan Love, particularly because he was in the mix for Coach of the Year twice with Aaron Rodgers through Rodgers MVP seasons. And he just didn't win because people couldn't separate out, well, is it LaFleur's coaching or does he just having Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback for him?

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I think if the Packers are good-- and they have an incredibly easy start to the season with their schedule. They play in a pretty weak division. And I think that you really just need-- again, it's like the Cleveland thing in terms of them being a contender. You just need one thing to go right for LaFleur, and that's for Jordan Love to be good. And he's probably not good, but I think there is a material chance that he is.

Then if he is, I think the rest of the roster, there's still a fair bit of talent there. I mean, this was a team that was, what, a one seed two years ago and was good enough around Aaron Rodgers to get him a couple of MVPs. So do you think that 25 to 1 is appetizing on Matt LaFleur?

DREW DINSICK: 25 to 1, absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I think the name of the game for the Coach of the Year market is NFC only. Shop in the NFC only and pick a team that, right now, is kind of expected to be in that middle tier miasma that you think could ultimately win their division and get a top two seed. Because somebody's going to jump up there and get it. The Eagles' schedule, extremely tough. Brad brought up the Cowboys as being alive. I agree with that.

But oh, man, speaking of Cowboys, what a spot that would have been for Mike Evans instead of Brandin Cooks. Holy smokes, that's a much better offense if they went in that direction. Anyway, no, the schedule for all of the NFC East teams is extremely tough. If the Eagles get the one seed again in the NFC, I'll be blown away.


So yeah, I mean, if somebody in that kind of mix who's expected to be a .500 team leaps up and takes a one or a two seed in a very winnable NFC, then that's your Coach of the Year favorite for the balance of the season. And Matt LaFleur in Green Bay, I think, definitely will have that potential.

The only kind of counter I can offer you is that they still have Joe Barry as the defensive coordinator, and he does not really seem to understand how to work with the parts that he's been given. And so if the defense does not gel and play a lot better than they did last season, then it is going to be very much up to Matt LaFleur developing Jordan Love aggressively to get wins. So that's maybe the only thing that I would think of is that LaFleur kind of has to succeed in spite of his defensive coordinator and develop his quarterback.