Crosstown brawl: Cubs fans fight selves, not White Sox fans

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WATCH: Multiple fights break out in Wrigley bleachers originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Ah, the Crosstown Classic. It’s not a traditional rivalry, considering the White Sox and Cubs aren’t in the same league, let alone the same division, but there’s always a little extra buzz in the city. Fans from both the North and South Sides come to the ballpark, regardless of the weather, exchanging cheers, jeers, and unfortunately punches too.

“Multiple fights,” Lucas Giolito said when asked what crazy things he’s seen during Crosstown. “Every once and a while somebody will get too much in them and they’ll get into it. This series, over the past few years, it’s like, second inning, ‘Oh, we got one already.’ Fourth inning, look to right field, ‘Oh ok, they’re going at it.’ Seeing multiple fights in the outfield bleachers can get pretty crazy.”

Tuesday night was no different, with a brawl involving several small fights broke out in the bleachers.

Warning, the video below contains some interesting NSFW language:

One unique factor is that the fight was actually among Cubs fans, not between Cubs and Sox fans like you’d imagine.

Hopefully everyone can put their differences behind them on Wednesday night, so all can enjoy a friendly rivalry without coming to blows.

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