Crosby, MacKinnon help Tim Hortons surprise Kenya's hockey pioneers


Normally we wouldn’t shill for a company by sharing its self-serving content on our platform, but what Tim Hortons did for Kenya’s small, yet passionate hockey community with its two branded NHL stars — Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon — is too special and too heartwarming.

And it warrants an exception.

Have a look:

The fella literally touching Crosby’s face to make sure he was real? Too good.

Kenya’s only hockey team, the Ice Lions, practice twice a week in the first-ever rink built in the East and Central Africa region. Given new equipment, new teammates and, most importantly, an opponent, 12 of Kenya’s hockey pioneers were given the opportunity to play a real game for the very first time.

The hope is “The Away Game” will help inspire the next generation of hockey players in Africa.

Now only if we could replace every Tim’s commercial with content that delightful ….

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